Jesus and Journalists

June 10, 2010

The woman was pretty, and she stared into my eyes. Her hair was hazel, her eyes blue. In the background, a Morgan sports car, freshly polished and glistering in the sun, stretched across the scene, casting strong shadows onto the floor. The sky above, a deep, mediterenean blue, matched her eyes, as I took a brush and altered them. A colleague and friend, stretching in his leather chair, leant over and looked at my mac screen and the developing scene within it,  ‘…

He stopped speaking as the presenters’ voice on the Radio, in a shoked accent, said that two bombs had exploded in the underground 30 minutes ago.

This started a journey for me, and a challenge in my heart.

That journey, brought me to encounter and experience God’s love, and away from media and graphic design. Then it brought me to meet with some of the people involved the the Radio reports that day.

Over the last year, through some friends, some exciting ‘chance’ encounters, and some amazing times with God, another question has filled my heart. ‘What would happen if God were to help me meet and share about him, with people in media, arts and journalism?’

What if the people who are paid, trained, and specifically given a place in each society to communicate and share perspectives, were to come to encounter the love and transformation of Jesus.

What do you think? Help me think. What stories do you have.

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